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Takk til alle jeg har vært velsignet med å få kontakt med så langt på denne veien. For en guddommelig opplevelse det er å dele tilstedeværelse med slike utrolige sjeler over hele denne verden.

Her er vi, mens vi går hverandre hjem gjennom blokkeringene, øker bevisstheten og vokser i tilkobling sammen som en global familie.


Jeg er takknemlig for disse opplevelsene med deg. Fortell meg om økten din. Jeg vil være beæret over å lese om din unike opplevelse med meg.

White WIld Flowers

My session with Sarah was a catalyst in connecting my spiritual experiences with my practical life and the expansion that I felt burgeoning.


Elements of my life that once felt erratic, intense and startling, came into alignment with her guidance and intuitive nudging.


What was central to the potency of the session was Sarah’s insistence on lifting the sublime nature and simplicity of an awakened life that I felt existed but could not find. It is with a gentle whisper we are all changed,


Sarah speaks with these whispers, fluently, so much so that she helped me find and trust it within myself.


What she offers is a confident companion willing to take your hand and help you find your way home after the street lights have come on… be prepared to meet yourself.”





United States

Yellow And White Flowers

I am still glowing after my session with Sarah yesterday and looking forward to listening to the recording. 


It was a beautifully wholistic, symbiotic connection that got right to the heart of the matter and felt like an on the spot healing.


I felt so affirmed and nurtured and so attuned to the guided meditations and non-verbal visions and sensations, it left me wanting more.


After the session the physical distress I was feeling had disappeared and has stayed disappeared today. I feel hopeful and excited and truly grateful.

Anne Nayer

US Virgin Islands

Wild Nature

Sarah is a beautiful vessel of sacred truth and wisdom. My session with her was so deep and so profound; it shook me to my core.


It’s taken me months to integrate and prepare to live into her words.


I’ve returned to our recording, and I’ve used it to orient myself on my journey.

I hold deep gratitude to Sarah for her being and her work in this world.

Shine on.

Sakeenah S. El-Amin

United States

Hot spring in the forest

"The "Soul Path Activation Session" really delivered what it promised. A few days after our session, I had clarity about my "career path".


I realized I was currently on the right path with my work in writing and dance but needed to take it to a higher dimension, the soul dimension.


This realization was perfectly aligned with my gut, heart and head. Now I am slowly walking the path."




I grew up in a very conservative christian environment in East Texas where I still live. While I’m grateful for my family and those around me that invested in me, I could sense that there was both truth and much more to the story than I was being told. I had no idea what that “much more”  was and I knew deep down that the people I was supposed to go to with questions didn’t have the answers either. Throughout several occasions in my life, I’ve felt a deep vibrating sense of “God’s” (don’t get hung up on the word “God” if that’s triggering for you) love throughout my body, felt the deliciousness of presence, heard music that wasn’t being played by anyone here, or felt what I think is best described as “knowings” on a several occasions. To keep it brief, I knew deeply that whoever “God” was, it’s essence was Love and even though the dogma, teachings, actions, and scriptures that I grew up with didn’t all line up with that, I assumed that what didn’t line up, God would eventually reveal to me how it made sense. To put it like this: I grew up within a system, a culture, a way of seeing the world accompanied with certain language and terminology, I grew up within a box as most of the world does in various forms, then I had these experiences so I assumed they must be attributed to and eventually  explained by the box of belief that I grew up in. That the God that I knew was Love must be the God described by the form of Christianity I grew up in and only that one.

In my mid-twenties I left the church not originally intending to never go back but definitely feeling a pull to completely step outside of the culture that I had lived in to view it from the outside, to learn from that perspective, and to ask any question I desired regardless of whether it fit neatly inside the box I had lived in. Over the next 6 years God did reveal more of itself, first by breaking down almost all my early beliefs until all that I could comfortably and honestly say is that we are to Love God (whoever that is) and love people. The last few years God has been slowly revealing more of itself to me just like I desired when I was young but it doesn't fit inside or look like the Christian box that I grew up with. In short,I find it moving in and out of everything. I find sparks of God everywhere.

Two months ago I reached out to Sarah, feeling a pull that she was someone that I could open up to. I felt that she knew the same things I knew yet in a more embodied way and would be able to help me grow in understanding. I’m so grateful that I followed that pull! During our first session, my story was incredibly jumbled but she held space for that and tuned into what my heart was trying to get at, which is Knowing and Embodying presence for myself. not simply intellectual belief and endlessly searching for answers in books. I want to KNOW me, I want to KNOW God, I want to KNOW you not just occasionally, I want to live in that flow and from it. As I was stumbling trying to get everything out, Sarah had us pause, we breathed and brought peace and presence into the call. She helped me shift my focus to my own breath, to the presence within me. She helped remind me of the felt, lived experience of God inside of me. Calling me to look and to know within myself. How can you be skeptical of what you yourself experience inside of you? And how can you know what lies there if you never look?


She was guided to read pages from a book that directly mirrored lyrics in songs that I had written, things that I knew but that I needed to pursue. She read “So I ask you to not look within the world but to look within the heart for what you will continually find there because your truth has already been written on the heart and by seeking there and no longer in the world will you find the confirmation that you are looking for. For you do not know the truth when you hear it, you know it when it is written on your heart, it is written on your heart because it is you.” I had written 2 year prior “You are the law of love, written on our hearts, through all of history, just like the cycle of life, we make way for the breath of God.” So much of my understanding of my lyrics correlates to to what she read and spoke throughout the meeting. 


In subsequent meetings, she helped me work through breaking generational cycles of hurt, judgements, pride, and disregard, looks like. A form of “burying the hatchet” but showing what that looks like specifically in my situation. As soon as she said it, it clicked immediately, it seemed so obvious and simple yet had somehow remained elusive. It was like a light bulb I had been fumbling in the dark trying to find that she merely flipped the switch to. In doing the work after that meeting I’ve already seen so much repair with my parents. 


In parallel with our meetings I had been doing reiki, tarot, and plant medicine with a healer locally. To go into all the synchronicity between the two would take too long but the tarot cards that I received here not only spoke directly to my personal meditations, music, previous things that Sarah had said etc, but were directly in line with the tarot cards that Sarah pulled. She doesn't always use them but had felt led to use them for me not knowing that we had just done them locally. These cards continued to confirm so much that had come up in various forms regarding breaking ancestral patterns, looking within myself, letting go of my identity, serving others, and more.


Lastly, Sarah gave me more breathwork tools to settle into the stillness, to feel the energetic body, to look within, to dwell, to embody peace and love, to increase awareness and presence, to know God. I could go on for much longer, but I’ll finish with this: Sarah held non-judgemental space for me and moved through the meetings from her spirit. These two things allowed for the openness on my part, and allowed her to cut straight to the root of an issue, block, word to speak, or re-orienting of the meeting through breath and presence. Through this we covered so much territory in a short amount of time. I’m incredibly grateful for Sarah and that she has decided to share her light with others.


I look forward to meeting again!" 

Connor Walters

United States


I have worked with Sarah for a few sessions. She was incredible in guiding me figure out what messages I was getting through my dreams and more.


She helped me understand for the first time in my life what self love truly looks like and how to put that in practice. She has an inner knowing and wisdom which is extraordinarily helpful in helping her clients.

My sessions with Sarah definitely accelerated my awakening process by a lot.


What I learned with her in a few weeks took me a lot longer to learn before. They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives, perhaps I was ready but without her help I still wouldn’t have reached the understanding as fast as I did.

I highly recommend working one on one with her.. even if you are not fully ready Sarah can help identify what you need to work on and that's worth everything!

Sanjida A.

United States

Mountians and Lake

I highly recommend working one on one with Snow.


Her natural abilities to connect with source and you as a client is a life changing experience.

I am still integrating my experience, but overall the amount of release, catharsis and healing that occurred in our session has allowed me to have the courage to step into my truth in both my relationship and career.


Snow is her authentic self and it gave me the permission to also be my true self. The environment she creates is very loving, safe and open.


Thank you Snow for the work you do for others. your light is very bright and shines everywhere you go

Aimee Irene


Winding Roads

Everything you say always resonates so strongly with me, and beyond your words, your energy reminds me to remain connected to truth. Even though it has been a couple of months since our last session, I think of you often, and my journal falls open to the pages of notes that I took from the sessions, so that I can integrate more. Your words and teachings are still rippling through me. 

Since the last session, I uncovered some repressed emotions from abuse that happened when I was a child, and in healing that, my whole path has opened up before me. Nothing that happened before this moment exists or matters. I truly feel free. And your interview reminds me that it is not me that creates my path. I am walking the path of God, so all I am to do is surrender to it. 


When I released the repressed emotions, several synchronistic events led me to starting a new business with a client. We will be running retreats, starting in Fiji next year. It the most bizarre feeling to know that all we need to do is surrender and trust. I've always run my businesses from the ego, and there has always been anxiety and stress. With this business, there is an energetic force behind it that says "I don't care what you do, I'm coming, so you better get out of the way". 


Thank you for coming into my life when you did.


Much love! 

Debbie xoxox

Debbie B.


Aerial View of Beach

Tbh so much was lost on me during our actual call, and so much of your message when I replay it, I find now was spot-on, and exactly what I need to hear, now. I hadn't realized in the moment how much accuracy your message contained basically from the first moment you started speaking directly to me when our call began. Just wanted to confirm with you that-- so spot on and I'm so immensely helped by the precision of it, and Wow, thank you!


Shortly after our call I was placed in a really clear and obvious way directly in this call of medicine work and things in that way were made really apparent... before I had had my doubts. I spent some time in the pure jungle in ceremony with a shipibo curandero who opened many doors with his songs which were keys I feel, and many things took place. I've been back from that place for < 2 months now and navigating again through different landscapes and tests of patience and gliding through, trusting still learning.


Many blessings, initiations, plantings, and training. I hope it's okay that I give you an update! I am so grateful that you're here and that you shine your light in this way. I am continuing in following, once again, so appreciative of your guideposts... I still have not made my way completely through the recording yet because much of it is so dense (though many attempts), in a good way.


So grateful! THANK YOU!!!

it's so funny how much of your messages just flew right past me during our call. lol! but thank you for foreseeing and speaking to exactly what I would need to hear.

resting and receiving and following 


many blessings to you!

Dramatic Sunset

I recently completed an emotional healing therapy package with Sarah, and can say it was a deeply healing shift in my life to receive her help.


Her loving insight is a blessing, and such that by the end reflected into a deeply felt trust and comfortability within and for myself and others.


I feel so grateful to walk away with a relationship I know will support and love me within my journey, and I hers. If you’re desiring a reflection of God’s love, mwah you’ve found the right girl

Harmony Light


Wheat Field

I'm so grateful to have an experience of meeting of the souls.


I've felt connected to Sarah on a level where healing begins.


I was calm and joyful in Sarah's Presence, Wisdom and Flow.


Ivy Lee


White Flowers

Sarah is amazing! I can't even begin to describe how incredible a session with Sarah is!

She clearly is a channel for God's love, light, and wisdom. 


She has been extremely helpful in guiding me and letting me know that I'm on the right path. 

I highly recommend her!

Thanks again, I'm forever grateful!


Tamara Trejo

United States

Growing Plants

Thank you. 

You are a beautiful ray of sunshine. I woke up feeling paralyzed by fear of the impending decisions and changes and asked Prime Creator God for Grace and Guidance and then I opened this email and it was in this email in the book segments. 

Thank you... Helps me be reminded reality is never the story of fear our ego is spinning.  Resistance is my obstacle to break through. 

I love you for your love and care...

Steve Fierro


Fall Tokens

Et av Sarahs budskap til verden er at vi alle er flerdimensjonale åndelige vesener som har en menneskelig opplevelse, liv etter liv.


Omstendighetene i livet mitt har stort sett vært gunstige, og jeg er dypt takknemlig for alt jeg har og alle jeg har møtt. Likevel, til tross for alle mine velsignelser, har jeg hatt denne irriterende følelsen i det siste at jeg på en eller annen måte underveis hadde vandret bort fra min skjebnebestemte åndelige vei, og at jeg ikke utlevde mitt fulle potensial.

Jeg følte at det hastet med å finne ut mer om veien min.

Min søken etter svar førte meg til Sarah.


Min Soul Path Activation økt med henne var tankevekkende og øyeåpnende. Innsikten og rådene jeg fikk var så mye mer enn jeg noen gang kunne ha håpet på! Helt fra begynnelsen av økten min med Sarah følte jeg en umiddelbar forbindelse, som om jeg hadde kjent henne for alltid. Hun er raus og empatisk. Hun skapte et rom for meg hvor jeg følte meg trygg, forstått og verdsatt. Under økten vår, tok hun inn i sjelens energi, og nesten umiddelbart kom visse emosjonelle blokkeringer og sårbarheter til syne - en skyldfølelse angående tidligere hendelser, og en frykt for å få min tillit ødelagt igjen. Fordi jeg ikke hadde funnet motet til å ta tak i disse smertefulle følelsene på den tiden, hadde jeg begravd dem dypt inni meg.


Sarah hjalp meg med å innse hvordan dette hadde ført til visse gjentakende mønstre i måten jeg oppfattet verden på og hvordan jeg handlet i mine forhold til mennesker (spesielt menn). Jeg hadde ikke vært bevisst klar over disse mønstrene, og erkjennelsen satte alt i perspektiv.

Sarah ledet diskusjonen med en kjærlig medfølelse, og med min beste interesse i tankene. Jeg stolte helt på henne da hun kanaliserte spesifikke meldinger for meg fra de høyeste åndelige plan. Jeg vil sette pris på disse meldingene, og jeg kommer til å følge opp med Sarahs dyrebare veiledning og råd.


Fra bunnen av mitt hjerte, takk Sarah for at du sprer lys og ubetinget kjærlighet til verden!

Emiliya Georgieva


Orange Blossom


Jeg ønsket å takke deg nok en gang for kjærligheten og servicen du yter. Jeg tilbrakte dagen så rolig og rolig at det har vært en fantastisk dag.  

...ville bare fortelle deg takknemligheten jeg føler. Jeg skal prøve tingene du anbefalte, og jeg håper å snakke med deg igjen snart.  

Caylee Pak


Dry Plants

Tenker på deg. Jeg jobber med ren bevissthet og jeg elsker reisen min, det har vært vanskelig, men jeg kommer til så mange erkjennelser.


Jeg vil takke deg for at du har veiledet meg på denne reisen og gitt meg verktøyene til å se meg i min bevissthet, for å se hvem jeg er og hvem jeg var hele tiden.


Jeg ser virkelig på livet annerledes.


Jeg utvider bevisstheten min og gir slipp på alle traumer og situasjoner.


Det er objekter, de definerer ikke meg. Jeg blir ett med ren bevissthet.


Jeg vil takke deg fra bunnen av mitt hjerte for at du har vist meg hvem jeg er.  

Du er fantastisk. Jeg elsker deg. 

Becky Butz


Rose Flower

For en navigatør du er, Snow!

Velsignelser og lovpriser til deg, til ditt arbeid, til ditt uendelig kjærlige hjerte.


Til alle som leser dette, det har jeg  innse at før eller siden er vi alle forlatt, forrådt, ødelagte på en eller annen måte, hver eneste en av oss.


Når vi først har gjort det ugjort, står vi alle overfor et dyptgående valg: enten sov i vår egen lidelses skumle havn, eller seil på sjøene av voldsomme åndelige eventyr – gjennom lynet, tordenen, de forrevne stimene til sanne healing - og tilbake til oss selv.  

Så hvordan dykke ned i dypet, for å omfavne kyklopene, hydraene, gorgonene til våre hellige skygger? Jeg vil oppfordre deg til å finne motet ditt, og så ta ut hånden til Snow og be henne ta rorkulten for å styre skipet.


Hun har seilt disse havene selv, hun holder skattekartet, hun vil seile deg trygt mot det hele.


Og så? 

Du vil plutselig finne deg selv å komme ut av dypet inn i det strålende sollyset til Hvem du virkelig er.  

Er du klar? 

Steven Starr

forente stater

Wooden Window

Jeg er så heldig å jobbe med Sarah. Ikke bare er hun et eksepsjonelt menneske; hun er også dypt klok og kunnskapsrik innen sitt fagfelt.


Da jeg kom til henne var jeg alvorlig uvel og på kortest tid hjalp hun meg med å overvinne og jobbe gjennom mine kroniske smerter og andre områder med fysisk ubehag.


Jeg kan ærlig talt ikke anbefale henne høyt nok.

Vakker innvendig og utvendig.


Som en profesjonell traumeterapeut vet jeg viktigheten av en hjerte-til-hjerte-forbindelse, og Sarah bringer dette og mye mer.


Hun er et sant eksempel på en engel av kjærlighet, lys og helbredelse

Carmel Clark



Sarah holder seg fri, trygg

jordet og kjærlig plass

for deg å reise på dine gjennom steder med dypeste emosjonelle motstand.


Denne reisen med henne har vært en av de mest transformerende i livet mitt.

Debbie Anders

forente stater


Jeg tror at mye av visdommen din lander som et frø jeg ikke alltid anerkjenner potensialet til i begynnelsen, men heldigvis lar jeg den slå rot.


I løpet av til og med noen få uker viser dagbokskrivingen og postingen på nettet meg et økende nivå av forståelse og aksept i meg selv, av en eller annen kosmisk bevissthet jeg ikke helt så eller fikk tilgang til før jeg jobbet med deg...


Dette representerer selvfølgelig et uutnyttet potensial jeg bare kan begynne å drømme om! Ideen om å stole på min intuitive natur er noe jeg slet med tidligere, delvis på grunn av å leve fra et cerebralt venstrehjerneperspektiv 24/7.


Nå, som referert ovenfor, gjenoppdager jeg meg selv på det som føles som et sjeleformålsnivå, noe som føles helt kjent!

Denne kjerneessensen, som hadde blitt dekket over av kulturisering og domestisering, blir gjenfødt gjennom aksept av min sanne natur.


Jeg har kommet til å gjenkjenne min intuisjon som et skilt, relevant for hele reisen min, og peker meg i riktig retning, som er innover og mot sannhet

Sabu - Rewilding Guide

forente stater

Pebbles on the Sand

Hadde akkurat en fantastisk økt med Sarah Snow på Labyrinth Holistic Health  i dag!


Universet er så bra når du lar nåde og takknemlighet strømme gjennom deg!


Jeg vil legge ut denne økten på YouTube-kanalen min for alle som søker veiledning, visdom og kjærlighet å integrere med.

Gjennom disse prøvende og turbulente tidene venter Gud, Kristus-bevisstheten og Kilden bare på at vi skal åpne opp og flyte med oss.


Må vi ta et valg?


Vår reise er en evighet hvor lykke, trygghet og kjærlighet er vår for å spørre.


Vær lyset du vil se i verden.

Aaron Landon

forente stater

Abstract Portrait

Jeg kom til Snow for en personlig Reiki Energy Clearing Session i hjemmet hennes.


Snøen var fantastisk...

Jeg elsket energien hennes,


Hun er en fantastisk healer og jeg anbefaler henne på det sterkeste!

Mn Ivy



Noen dager før jeg satt med Sarah Snow, spurte jeg universet om «akselerasjon.


Wow .... leverte hun på det.


Jeg føler fortsatt de dype effektene av å være med energien hennes.

Hele min ånd ble utvidet og åpnet opp på en betydelig måte.


Siden den gang har jeg møtt en alvorlig serendipity i livet mitt som har akselerert retningen min mot min hensikt og posisjon i dette livet.


Takk Sarah.

Du er fantastisk.

Allison Liss


White Lillies

Min erfaring på Labyrinth Holistic Health var fantastisk.


Snows evne til å lytte og vurdere dine tidligere traumer, til å finne ut hvor det kan være følelsesmessige blokkeringer som må helbredes for meg, er den viktigste delen av prosessen.  


For at vi skal vokse åndelig må vi håndtere det som holder oss tilbake.

Hun ga meg verktøyene jeg trengte for å helbrede og jeg har dem til å bruke resten av livet.


Dette var en livsendrende opplevelse, og jeg vil fortsette å lære og utvikle meg med Labyrinth Holistic Health.


Jeg anbefaler på det sterkeste.

Lethan Williams

forente stater

Ocean Water

Jeg har hatt en økt med Snow så langt, og hun har denne fantastiske tilstedeværelsen og er en utrolig klok sjel.


Hun ga meg noen fantastiske tips for å hjelpe meg med reisen min, og hun er denne enorme bevisstheten som jeg ikke kan forklare med ord.


Hun snakket til meg som om hun var meg, men selv jeg kjenner ikke meg selv like godt som hun kjente meg.

Jeg har fått mye klarhet fra en økt så langt.


Hun forstår fullt ut hvor du er på reisen din.


Hun påpekte visse ting i meg som ikke var i min bevissthet og kastet lys på de områdene som jeg trengte litt klarhet.


Hun er en så fantastisk sjel og kan veilede deg gjennom reisen din og innrette deg med din Souls Path.  

Bella Wahabzada

forente stater

Great Leap

Å jobbe med Snow Forest har vært en vakker velsignelse.


Vi kom på linje med hverandre etter en opplevelse jeg hadde med å høre banking på soveromsdøren min midt på natten som jeg først trodde var en inntrenger, men senere innså vi at det ikke var en faktisk person i hjemmet mitt, men kontakt fra et annet rike. .

Sannsynligvis forsøkte mitt høyere selv å vekke meg og beskytte meg fra mørket jeg gikk inn i etter en alvorlig ryggskade.

Etter vår første økt visste jeg at jeg måtte fortsette på denne reisen med henne.  


Hun fikk meg til å føle meg trygg, elsket, holdt og ivaretatt, med mye medfølelse og empati.


Jeg har en bok full av nedlastingene hennes som har hjulpet meg med å koble sammen prikkene på min sjels reise og har i sin tur følt meg veiledet gjennom å se mine egne skygger, atferdsmønstre og steder der jeg trenger å posisjonere meg i livet. Hun er autentisk og jeg har aldri følt noe ubehag i hennes nærvær.


Jeg har snakket med henne mens hun reiste verden rundt og alltid til rett tid.  


Jeg anbefaler på det sterkeste å jobbe med henne!

Jessi Kohoutek


Soothing Bell

Snø er utrolig begavet med nåde, ydmykhet og orakulær visdom.


Jeg har aldri møtt noen som har følt seg så nær hjemmet som når jeg snakker med henne.


En slik letthet i mottakelighet for hennes veiledning vedvarer i flere uker etter en økt.


Rett og slett livsforbedrende, validerende og trøstende.

"Hvert øyeblikk faller ned over oss en snø"

Harmoni Aura

forente stater


Etter å ha forlatt min første *person-økt med Snow, følte jeg en styrking som varte i flere uker.


Jeg følte meg oppriktig sett, forstått og veiledet på en måte som ingen andre noen gang har tilbudt meg.


Jeg kan ikke anbefale å møte Snow nok.


Hun har en gave.

Meredith Elzea


Countryside Road_edited.jpg

Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift  with me. 


I was desperate for help and direction and wanted to learn of all the unconscious things that were causing me grief and holding me back in this life. 

I prayed to God Eternal - the Divine Source Energy, the Everything that is Everything - for help, and the next day I was presented with Sarah Snow Forest on Mel Denyce's podcast and I knew within minutes my prayer had been answered. 

I didn't, however realize the extent of Sa