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Vennligst send meg en e-post med dine kommentarer eller forespørsler om tjenester eller plassering. Skriv inn informasjonen din til høyre og. Jeg vil returnere meldingen eller telefonsamtalen din så snart jeg kan også.

Our 2023 Summer Update on White Dove Sanctuary...

Completion of our Gardens here at White Dove Sanctuary and welcoming guests over a year now - West Kelowna, BC Canada

This spring, we completed most of our garden beds, tended to the wildflowers and finished planting our organic garden -- with so many beautiful local wild-medicinals, native berries and many of our favourite 

culinary herbs and veggies. We still have some space for mid-August if you’d like to come visit.

We'll will be widely open for guests in until Late September 2023, where spaces there after will be more minimal


Click Here to See Availability in our Retreat Spaces for 2023:

Our Full 3 Bedroom Upper Suite Oasis

Ground Level Fully Privste Retreat Space

Lakeview MasterSuite Private Balcony

Suksess! Beskjed mottatt.

Blue Waters

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing med Snow Forest

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