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6.5HR Igniting the Sophianic Wisdom Body

Awakening and Reclaiming the Divine Sacred Feminine

  • 1 30 min
  • 888 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Call


Take this beautiful pilgrimage into the depths of your own embodied wisdom. A reclamation of our connection to the Wisdom Body of Sophia. Womb-healing practices, Embodiment Practices, Healing generational/Lineage wounds, Sexual Trauma, Hyper-Masculinity, and surrendering to deeper embodiment of the innate Divine Feminine Presence within us to be clearer vessels for the Light of Christ. This is a 6.5HR Package with includes one 1-1.5HR Session and 1-2HR Rebirth Breath-Work Ceremony *OR Mayan Abdominal Massage IN-PERSON ONLY*, 2-1HR Sessions: Reconnecting the Heartbeat of the Womb and Heart, Embodiment Practices *Tuning, Dancing, Movement, Flow*, Explanation of the Sacred Practice of the Yoni Steam *tools and herbs can be ordered separately*, Emotional Release Practices, Awakening the Sacred Feminine and igniting the Sophianic Body of Wisdom Further Studies can be obtained through either the 3-month or 6-month one-on-one Spiritual Rebirth Mentorship Program once this package is completed.


*Time/Date changes can be made 48hours in advance, changes made after 48hrs are subject to a 20% rescheduling fee*


250 899 8849

Located in Home Treatment Space 751 Lindley Drive, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing med Snow Forest

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