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4.5HR SoulPathAlignment Package LVL2

Igniting the Path into Service and Living Your Purpose

  • 1 30 min
  • 555 US dollars
  • Zoom Meeting


In Soul Path Alignment LVL 2 we move into honing into your Divine Gifts that became awakened in our first container. This package moves us further into igniting and activating our gifts. Begin sharing your unique gifts and expression with the world with a sense of ease and grace. (Package Includes: 4 Sessions: First Session $222 1.5HR and $150 for each remaining 1HR session --- Savings of $117**) $555 (Package Includes: Understanding The Truth of Reality Creation, Further Igniting the feeling of Passion in the body, Divine Embodiment Practices for Sacral/Womb Healing, Solar Plexus Clearing - Rewriting Fear, Fine-tuning Gifts and Service, Moving Faith into Action, Becoming a Clearer Vessel for God's Love, Building and Organization for Service, Guide to Faith-Based Living, Securing Foundation in Christ)


*Time/Date changes can be made 48hours in advance, changes made after 48hrs are subject to a 20% rescheduling fee*


250 899 8849

Located in Home Treatment Space 751 Lindley Drive, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Soul Path Alignment & Holistic Healing med Snow Forest

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